Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to the everyday

I had an amazing holidays this year. The highlights were the time spent with my family, friends and the Germany-visit where we visited my uncle and his wife plus my cousin`s family. I was walking a lot, jogging, meeting people, seeing new things. I re-discovered again how much monotony destroys my personality, how much proper light-conditions are needed to take photos, how good it is to discover small nice things by random. For example the graduating exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, what I run into totally unexpected.

I also discovered that sometimes my thoughts and feelings might really influence what will happen to me. I kind of believe in the law of attraction.

Shots are not my friends- this I realized after a really nice birthday party of one of my best friends, where we took several vodka and tequila-shots and the next morning was not so pleasant haha.

And now I am back to the everyday, kind of waiting for the routine to rule my days and weeks again. I try to worry less and enjoy more what I have. Take good autumn-photos and think about what I want to achieve this autumn and winter.

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