Saturday, August 24, 2013

One more thought about the HfBK-exhibition

This art-day was so impressive that I still can`t sleep, because I am so excited from all the nice things I saw today. All those colors, forms, emotions, messages.. And all these within couple of hours.
May be that`s why life can not be like this all the time, because our mind and body could not simply keep up with this pace. May be if we want to live long, we have to live a mediocre life haha.

I forgot to write about something in the Academy of Fine Arts post. There was one artist whose exhibition room was empty. There was only a cross next to his name,so I guessed that he is dead, but I thought that he still has some works there. So I walked up to the tower and there was an empty room with his name, date of birth and date of death on a tag.

At one of the windows someone has written "here" in German. It is possible that he marked it for a painting, or someone just wrote it there, I don`t know. I don`t know it either how he died. He died in April this year and was born in 1980.

It made a big impact on me to be there experiencing this, because I have been thinking of life and death a lot lately. Not in the crazy way, just in my own personal way of thinking. Sometimes certain issues get stuck in my mind and I think about them for a while.

I get more and more the feeling that all of us have to go our own personal ways, and there is really no "right way to live", as so many try to make us to believe. 
So sad to see how many adults get to a whirl which ends when they are retired and have time to think that they f.cked up their lives. The ones who stay critical and unique in the years between become often lonely and outcast. I hope, that I will be able to be myself and have my people around me as well, with whom we can inspire each other continuously and have a reality-check all the time. 

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