Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 times and you loose

The smiling-trial goes excellent. I feel so much better now. There are some guests here from Mexico, which is really cool! I will take finally 3 days off from work and will clean the windows, and sort clothes and read my Swedish book, and the one about lighting in photography.

My brother told me that I should not think so much about myself, that I have great friends and everything is fine. I know, that I think sometimes too much. I just love life so much, and I do not want to live the wrong way. But may be there is no wrong way, or who knows.

Today morning one of my friends from Erasmus tagged me on a FB-post. She had a bad day and she was saying that she missed her family, and friends and tagged only two people particularly and I was one of them. I can not really describe what I felt. She is very important to me, but we do not talk on a daily basis, and it was so heart-warming feeling, that I am one of the two people for someone who she would have wanted to be there for her in hard times. I really feel so, that the most precious thing in my life are the people I have met and am meeting, who I love and respect, and who are there for me too every time I need them.

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