Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Places of spirit

I actually stole the title haha..From a newspaper I bought at some of the airports I have crossed in Germany during the last year. I decided to make a list for myself: I want to see which are the things surrounding me or in use which really mean something to me. I do not have a flat overcrowded with furniture, because of my life-philosophy I try not to be too much attached to material things. Well, I still have attachments though, because the few jewellery or design furniture I have, I actually like a lot. If I wish to have a flat full of them and a wardrobe of design clothes and jewellery? I can not really answer this question..Depends on..It always depends on on what price you can get something, what are you trading off in order to get something else. Time vs. money, money vs. dreams, dreams vs. facing the reality and being brave..

If I would like to move closer to the city center, but I don`t do it just because the furniture I have would not fit to a supposedly smaller flat, then my belongings actually stop me from getting to the next step in my life. I was thinking about it..I could actually get rid of 40% of the things I accumulated since I have been working, and I would not feel like loosing something. Because these things surround me, but are not of any bigger emotional value to me.

It would be interesting to do the same with feelings, thoughts, common senses, old habits. Asking the question and being ready to  answer it honestly:

Does this all matter to me any more at all?

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