Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Online energies

At the weekend I made some decisions about the way how I am going to communicate online. I use emails for communicating only with friends who are not living in the same country where I do. On Facebook I share on my personal page for a while only my photos and my blog`s FB-page updates. I just needed to set these measures, because I started to see on myself, that my sense of reality gets distorted so much, and I am kind of addicted to announce all of my braintrash on FB.

Then I calmed down, and actually I see now that I made a good decision, because I can use all the "I report about myself on FB"-energy for something real, or something which makes more sense. Like cleaning the flat, reading a book, playing with my rabbit, or reading blogs.

It is not the tools which are bad in itself. we just have to find a personal way to use them, which fits our mental and emotional capacities. Online tools are not bad in themselves either. Unless they make the addictive/narcissist side of people stronger.
I find a lot of pages and blogs online which transmit value, share great thought and pieces of art, which is nice. If you think about it, this way also people can get access to coaching and art who would not have the money to pay the entrance fee for an exhibition for example. It is also easier to find the people who think the same way we do, to build online communities, which hopefully inspires people to be more active in the real life as well.

Online should be a support, and back up, not a substitute to real life. 

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