Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tourists in our own lives

Sometimes I go to bed late, because around 10 pm I have this feeling that this day is not complete yet. I should have done more, should have seen more, felt more, experienced more. Then I start to look for some nice music I have not heard yet, or read my photo books, edit some of my photos or watch something nice on net-TV.

It does not feel the worst when I am sad. The worst feeling is that a day went to waste. In my opinion life is really a present and we all have the chance to discover our own nature, find our place and live a full and happy life according to that who we really are. No matter what it is. It is not about moral values or social status.

Deep inside there is a home waiting for us where we can return after each journey, no matter how long it takes, what it brings to us, or what it destroys in us in the reverse case. This home is, what I do believe that everyone has, is our true essence. Which as Kelly Cutrone quotes often is as unique and genuine as our fingerprint.

And then there is the times when we get away from this essence a bit to discover new things, to break taboos, to re-think our lives.
I like to be a tourist in real life as well by the way, I do not only like this thing as a metaphor  No one knows me and I do not know myself either when I am on the road. Since I go to places where I have not been, and see people who I have not met yet before, I can not forecast what is going to happen, or what these people are going to teach me, give me or take away from me. How could I say how I do react on people for example who are those kind of personalities whom I have not met yet personally at all?
I arrive at a new place with hopes, but no expectations. I can make my hotel room feel like home in 5 minute. I pack my cosmetics to the bathroom, my camera on the table. I check how the TV works and try if the bed is comfortable. I walk the streets and look at people. I try to imagine who they are, where they live, if they are married or have a family. What are their hobbies, are they happy or sad?

Life is interesting until we keep the tourist alive inside of us. We can have a wonderful home to return, a great personality, good values. But until we can accept and enjoy that there is still so much that we do not know about ourselves and about life, every day will seem something precious and valuable. It is worth to live like this. At least I think so.

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