Friday, February 8, 2013

What`s uppp Stockholm?- my findings about clubbing, exhibitions and chill places for the next weekend

Yeyee, next weekend Stockholm here we come :). Thanks god I will fly from Helsinki, and do not have to spend more than a half day with wasted mostly married  guys on the ferry enjoying their temporary freedom, or same for business men taking their customers on a cruise and same enjoying their freedom and getting very wasted-lol.

Finally now I feel the urge to look for up to date info since our trip with my friends is so close. I would like to find some nice party for Friday and/or Saturday night, a good breakfast place, some good cafes and possibly some photo exhibition.



I am listening to some nice music: for example the latest single by Solomun called Boot Camp. The end of the song is amazing btw.
(this is my list what I listen:
Google: deep house/minimal techno/electronic music clubs in Stockholm

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