Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Missed chances

If it is true that souls sometimes agree to meet in next lives (if next lives exist), it is sad to think that there has been people in my life who I wanted to meet in this life, but I missed the chance to do something normal with them. Sure, it was not only my fault, but still.

Time. Sometimes it freezes when you meet someone new "coming from nowhere", and you can almost hear life shouting at you: "Now is the moment, here is the chance to change everything". But mostly even if we dare to step a bit to this whirl of the encounter with the new person, after a while we get tired of it, and sneak back to our old lives.

How many times I did not say what I really wanted, to people who I know I only had the chance to meet that one time in my life and then they were gone? Strangers who I met and taught me something, or people whom I just noticed somehow in the crowd. The last occasion like this was when I saw a woman in Helsinki with her child. She seemed a bit tired, but was a really elegant and beautiful person. I even told my friend that I think that that woman is so beautiful. Then when we crossed the road in front of the shopping center she suddenly stood next to us again. But I did not dare to go there and just say that "Hi, I just wanted to say, that you are really such a beautiful person and have so great style". (Since I like photography I look at people often from this photographic point of view.)
She seemed a bit concerned and tired, may be she had a bad day, or some problems. May be it would have made her happy to hear that other people think nice things about her. 
But I did not have the courage to tell it,and so she crossed the street and we crossed it as well, and that was the end of the encounter.

For sure there are many things what others wanted to tell me, but never had the chance to. If only there would be a room somewhere what I could enter, and where a voice would whisper to me all the things what people wanted to tell me, but I never had the chance to hear.
If only to this room I could take the people who I lost on the way. with whom we got really close once, but then everyone went back to the places where we came from. 

Then this aching feeling of a missed chance could disappear. But may be it is the lost chances what teach us after all to be more pro-active in the future, and value all those magical random-encounters in our lives. Or not, may be they are just there as painful scars to show that we are not perfect either.

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