Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When Buddha was born they forecast two possible life path for him: he could be a great emperor and a military leader, unless he once get to see the suffering in the world. If he does,so they said, he will become a spiritual person who will try to help people "get rid of their suffering". His father, a wealthy man was trying everything to avoid the second to happen: he banned sick and poor people from the palace, but once Buddha escaped and discovered the world outside. It opened his eyes, and this is how his journey of self-discovery started, and how he became who we know him for now.

I read this story yesterday and it made me think whether there are really these crossroad-situations in people`s life that there is so many possible personalities who we could become depending on certain things happening to us or not. And sometimes these personalities are of totally different values and carrying a totally different life-message.
Can it be really possible that there are these hidden-factors which one of a sudden can activate the unknown sides of our personalities? 

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