Friday, January 18, 2013

Small and very important acts of kindness

It is -21 C in Helsinki today..You know what can be good in this weather? If you see next time a homeless person, buy a warm coffee or tea for him. I am sure he will be glad to have some warm drink, and will not bite you. Do it for your karma ;). Or if you do not believe in karma, do it, because it also feels good for you when you are down/being sick and someone takes care of you.

P.S.: I did not mean it for Helsinki, I meant it in general for any place in Europe, USA or wherever it is cold. The first sentence was just a kind of first thought- what made me think about the second part what I wrote. It does not have to be a homeless person, it can be a poor/old person who is visibly in bad shape. And it does not have to be a warm drink in the cold, it can be also a sandwich in spring/summer. Small acts of kindness.

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