Monday, January 14, 2013

Caught in a whirl

For sure there are many stories what your grandparents or parents have told you already soo many times. Whenever they start you are like "arghh noooo they start this story again, I have heard it thousand times already." Great news: you should listen more carefully, because when they pass away these stories will be the ones you will remember the most about them.

My grandpa by my Dad was a bit like a Tarantino-ish character in my opinion. He always wore one typical hat and those big sunglasses, and a shirt. I never saw him in T-shirt, or jeans, or shorts.

I have 2 stories from him what I remember the most often: the one is what he told about when they were in the army during the world war, in an army camp in Transylvania. In the camp there was a really wild horse what no one could break in and ride. According to the story of my grandpa he was the only one who could ride this horse. And once he even managed to break it in, because he could stay on it so long that there was foam coming out of its mouth from exhaustion. After this it let also others to ride him. True or not, it is a nice story to imagine.


The other story is the one what I remember more often. My grandpa told me that once when they went to swim to the Tisza-river he was caught in a whirl. He was holding his breath and counting to I do not remember until how much. Because some of the elders told him that if you resist and try to get out from the whirl you will get so exhausted that you will drawn by the time it would let you go. So my grandpa waited spinning in the whirl counting, and after I do not how much time it really threw him out and he survived. I remember it as a metaphor for life very often. There are times when we are caught in a whirl. It does not help when we force to be positive, or change something. Sometimes we just have to wait, hold our breath, and see where we land when the whirl throws us to the shore again.

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