Sunday, December 16, 2012

When the world ends

I read an other article about this Dec 21st bullsh*t and had to post this song cause could not miss the joke. Well, if I was wrong then this post can be read with dark irony as of written by someone who thought that the world is not going to end. Oh, and actually I have my Christmas-flight on Dec 21th.

In a way Christmas is always a minor end of the world for me. People staffing tons of food inside and wining for weeks after that they got fat in 3 days (?), the shops having Christmas decoration already in October..Well, do not want to ruin anyone`s fun. There is no problem with the original message of Christmas which would be about love and caring about each other.

Back to the end of the world: it is funny to me how many people are interested in this topic. To be honest I do not care at all.  I share the opinion of people who say that if you live fully you die anyways couple of times already when you are alive. You die and you born again and die and born again the second, third...time.

A death of a relationship, a dream, a friendship, a love, your own death as a person with real feelings. We and things around us die and reborn all the time. I personally am not afraid of death at all, even though I hope that I will live a long meaningful life. I am more concerned to see sometimes how boring people get with age, how the schematic thinking eats up their personality, how they sometimes disappear behind the roles of everyday life.

They fill up a house with furniture and belongings, spend all the money on it and when they die it can be emptied in one day. I know it from my own experience how fast you can empty a house, because when my grandpa died, me, my uncle and my Dad could empty almost the whole house within one day. When people talk about dying an other thing which pops to my mind is the death of one of my relatives. I share this experience because I believe in that that it is beneficial for us if we understand the biological background of our existence.What I saw was that suddenly you can not get breath any more and since your brain gets less and less oxygen you are more and more absent, and once you really can not get any breath at all and then you die (I did not see that part just the first stages).

May be instead of wining around some world end it is making more sense to train ourselves for the personal deaths and rebirths during our life. Let go what is not working any more, become a new person when it is needed, empty ourselves of bad things or after facing difficulties and training for "dying" easily.

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