Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Does anyone know what it means? (Vajon ez mit jelenthet?)

Does anyone know what does this saying mean? I found it on a postcard: "Se este decifrar é lento, posso gastar uma vida toda nisso."
-Valaki tudja,mit jelent ez a mondás? Egy képeslapon találtam a szekrényem mélyén.


  1. Hi, Monika---
    Literally it means, "If this deciphering [task] is slow [enough], I can spend[/waste] a lifetime in all this."
    What I read into it in-isolation is mixed pleasure and apprehension at being devoted to something long, which could be a personal problem or fascination that could turn into a rut.
    It appears in a poem by Marilá Dardot titled "In the Foggy Nether (In Secret)" and the context is studying someone else in a respectful (enforced) silence---I found it at http://www.moinhoamarelo.com/2009/06/silencio.html and it appears to be poetry seen on streetcorners in Brazil, from which I see your beautiful photos!

    ---Ken Regan (from airplane in Dec.)

  2. Thanks a lot Ken, I was really searching for the meaning of this quote, but could not find it anywhere!!It is nice hearing from you again. I hope, you are doing well.

    I have been in Hungary since the December flight 4 times. Amongst all at my brother`s graduation (Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance-Corvinus University).

    I was in Brazil in 2007 and I saw many nice things, but I would say that our visit to the favela impressed me the most.I wrote about it in this post: