Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skye: the solo performance of the former singer of Morcheeba ( Skye: a Morcheeba előző énekesének szólóprodukciója)

"The things that I imagine
When time gives me a moment to breathe
Could never really happen 

At least not in this lifetime 
And this is what I wanna believe 
Might never ever happen

But my eyes can be deceiving
They show me what I don't want to see 
The things I think will happen

Monsters, demons
We dream them up and we bring them to life
They are not real, I know it

Monsters demons
We give them wings and we teach them to fly
They're taking, taking over my mind

And now the light is fading
The shadows seem to dance on my wall 
And I think it really happens

Bad dreams that keep repeating
I'm trying to make sense of it all 
Where nothing ever happens."

Skye: Monsters Demons

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