Saturday, April 21, 2012

I could wear these - some Finnish design clothes

I was last week in the lunch break in a Marimekko store where I saw many nice clothes and accessories, so I though I will share my wardrobe brainstorming here.

If you do not know Marimekko, here you find some info in English about them: .

These were my favorites of this spring`s/ summer`s collection:


1. Pasi bag 
2. Peili jacket
3. Tipo skirt
4. Kultahippu dress

I saw the bag live yesterday in Kamppi (Helsinki). It was really simple, but has nice colors and it could complete nice a dark outfit for example. My other favorite is the last dress. It just looks like as if someone would have dropped many colors by accident on the textile which by accident also look really good together. I think it would look also with some leggings.

With this post I just wanted to show that Finnish design is not always only glass things and home decor. And even though mostly Scandinavian things are lean and not so colorful, Marimekko is a nice exception who connects nice forms with colors.

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