Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vivienne Westwood`s London

I saw this London guide yesterday and I just have to share it, because it is so great. Vivienne Westwood, who is a world famous fashion designer takes us on a tour in London. She does not only show interesting places in her fascinating style, but we can see the world and London through her eyes for the time of the movie, which is a big experience itself. 

She is so lively and enthusiastic. A person who loves to live and sees the beauty in life. Someone who goes her own way by not trying to hurt anyone, letting others find their own ways, but for herself living her life fully according to her own principles. I love the part when she says "Every day you are a new person. Give a chance to yourself to get to know this new person who you are today and see the world through the eyes of this todays version of yourself". It is just amazing how someone who is so successful and famous is brave enough say something like that.

My favorite part is when she is at Cortaud and she speaks about art and life and about that, why it is nice to go to a museum and look t the nice artworks. And she likes Degas and Manet just like me. She said that watching these big masters works is nice, because by looking at the paintings you get the chance to see how these people perceived the world. Each of us perceives the world in his or her own way, but artists can give a sensual expression which makes others to understand how they see the world  and can use art as a tool to transmit this message.

I always thought that London is a bit cold and boring-ish, but since I saw this documentary and London through Vivienne Westwood`s eyes I just want to go there and see all those nice things, because yesterday evening thanks to her I discovered a new London sitting on my sofa, which is totally exciting, interesting, lively and mysterious.

Vivienne Westwood shopwindow in London, Source: http://london.unlike.net/locations/301405-Vivienne-Westwood
Vivienne Westwood`s London guide at: http://shows.ctv.ca/VivienneWestwoodsLondon.aspx  

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