Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Episode Random

You will not believe what happened to me this afternoon...

On Saturday I came back from Frankfurt to Helsinki where I had to change the flight. The plane was full of loud, funny and young schoolkids. I was laughing that all of them who sit next to each other wanted the same drink (Coke with lemon and ice)-the good old conformism of the primary school era-, and was laughing inside when they wondered that there is still snow in Helsinki.

Days went by, and I was living the normal everyday again. Going to work etc. etc. Then today I was waiting for the tram in the center and was hesitating if I should take that tram which was coming right when I arrived to the tram stop or the next one, because I was hungry and I wanted to get some food to eat. I decided to take the tram which was just coming, what I already regretted 1 sec after getting on it, because it was full of noisy kids. I saw all the irritated faces of the people "Whoaaahhhh these kids are so loud, why do I have to listen to it after the tiring workday blabla".

I was trying to get out of this state of irritation and find something positive in the  liveliness of these young folks and then bang: I just discovered one familiar face and an other and another and the irritation disappeared, because it was MY school group from the plane!!! 

When we got off I went to one of their teachers and asked if they arrived in Helsinki on Saturday from Germany. She was quite surprised and said "yees, the kids are quite loud, I know". I was like"nooo noo, but you know what, I was on the same plane and I just remembered your students". Btw. it turned out that they were from France, because I also managed to ask it quickly where they were from, since I already wondered on the plane, because some of the students spoke French and some of then English.

This was one of the funniest random meetings ever in my life. I like these random things anyways, when you follow your intuition and choose one option over the other (the tram coming vs. the next tram) and in the end it turns out that there was really something in there for you in that option what you felt to choose.