Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday and Women`s Day thoughts

Today is my birthday, so I started the day with a cafe latte and I bought a newspaper. It was a good start. Then I jumped on the bus and I had my gloves, the monthly ticket, the newspaper, my handbag and the latte in my hands. (Yes, happy Women`s Day too). As I was standing there the coffee started to flow from the top of the cup (I swear I did not press the cup at all) and a cute old couple started to watch my morning performance and was really cheering me with their eyes, that I manage not to spill the whole cup of latte on myself or on them. I did. I mean I did manage not to spill it on either one of us.

Then my parents were calling and I saw all the birthday wishes and it really made me so happy. 

It is also Women`s Day and I would like to share the thoughts of Kelly Cutrone with you about what the real feminine energy should mean in the world:

At 8:02 she talks about the alternative roles what women can choose in life ("what kind of woman do I want to be?", "which values are more important to me?") and the really cool part comes at 17:08 when she expresses her thoughts about being feminine and above all which is the most important: being a complex human being.

"I have a really extreme hunger for life. I mean, I really want to know what it means to be a human being... I just have this need to experience the human condition"
- Kelly Cutrone 

I agree Kelly yeyee. And today on my birthday I can say it out loud once more again that I am very thankful for every person I met so far in my life, for my family and my friends. Because the love I get from you is the engine for the things I can accomplish in my life  and it gives me lots of power even if I have a sh@t day sometimes or if something bad is happening to me.

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