Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Zealand in the cinema

Scene from the movie Once were warriors
It is weekend and people have more time to grab a good book or watch a good movie. I watched today a movie called: Once were warriors and I would like to share my impressions about it for various reasons.

First since it is a travel-lifestyle blog I assume people who get here are interested in different cultural environments. The scene of the movie is New Zealand, and it tells the story of a suburban Maori family. 

I do not want to spoil the best scenes, but it tells about how ones life can get out from ones hands even if they are a married couple with five children. How big impact it can have on children`s life if only one of the parents starts to loose the control over his/her life. And how even one tragic turn can be enough to shake the whole family from this emotional coma...Although it is not sure at all that everyone can be saved still.

All this is in the cultural context of the Maori culture, which is very interesting and exotic to watch I guess for the most of us who do not live there. The tatoos, the beautiful facial characteristics of the people, the tribal dance motives. All these flashing up for short times to the scenes of a dark, brutal and depressing life situation as a ray of hope for the survival.

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The Piano is an other great New Zealand-related movie with really good soundtrack and nice landscapes. Here you can listen to the main soundtrack of The Piano: Michael Nyman: The Sacrifice

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