Thursday, January 12, 2012

DESIGN: My favorite Hungarian fashion designers: TheBétaVersion

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My inspiration for this article was that many times when I was travelling I wanted to purchase some real local designer stuff, but I simply did not have the channels to trace where I can find them. The other problem was that since I did not even know the local designers of course I could not find their homepage/ web shop either, which can be an important step in the 21st century.

In this first article I would like to introduce to you the brand TheBétaVersion. To see their products you can visit the Mono Fashion store in Budapest, Hungary or check out their online-store. The TheBétaVersion web shop offers free shipping on all items in January and February (you can access the web shop by clicking on the blue text). If you want to get your own TheBétaversion item, it is a good opportunity to use this offer and make your order now. 


The advantage of living in a relatively small country is that you have to be open and flexible, if you want to connect with the rest of the world. You learn languages, you travel, meet different cultures and all it shapes your personality and your way of seeing the world. In the works of the young Hungarian fashion designers you can see the trace of this cosmopolitan worldview, yet there is some local flair in all of the collections.

I like TheBétaVersion, because they work with local folk art motives, but their products are still really modern and they connect the traditional with a modern minimalistic look in a very good way (my favorite examples for this are their iPad/iPad2 cases).

TheBétaVersion brand was created in 2010 by Zsófi Rainer Hungarian designer and Cili Varga brand manager. Their portfolio contains high quality handmade leather bags and accessories. Well known patterns of Hungarian folk art such as birds, geometric shapes and stylized human figures are transformed into pixel patterns and pierced to the leather.

Below you can see pieces of the PIXELFOLK collection:

To find out more about Hungarian designers you can visit . The website gives you up to date information about the latest collections and fashion lovers find here among all a „Magazine” section witch contains nice photo shoots. Online shop available, prices in EUR.

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  1. There's simply nothing better retail wise than local designers...which I support wholeheartedly. These are really adorable designs! The pixelfolk bags are my favorite. Your were totally right...I love these! Definitely wouldn't mind having one is my possession.

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