Monday, January 16, 2012

How to be positive..

About the irony of life..

So, this morning I decided to boost my mental capacity and was listening to a quite interesting talk of Ajahn Brahm about "How to be positive". Reflecting on the happenings in my life recently I thought "Hmm, this is exactly what I need. May be I can pick up some pieces of positive mindset before I start this marvelous week."

The speech was really good and full of useful examples and approaches, so I felt quite well-equipped when I was leaving the flat. Even my own dark side could not stop me to feel that there might be some difference, if we look at the things with different eye etc.. So I step out of the flat, -12 C...Okei..After the first wave of cold was hitting me I decided that it is the "perfect winter weather, when the air is so fresh" what I even posted on Facebook (I thought I share my positive energy with others).

The bus was coming and then all the practice started in a sudden. The bus was crashing once.. then started again..stopped once more..crashed again..After the second occasion I used the opportunity to share this second positive experience, that "Yeps, the bus crashed twice, but now everything is fine and we continue the trip". You can guess what happened after this. The bus stopped for the third time, and did not start again. Everyone had to get off, walk to the next stop (was close) and wait for the next bus. 

Hm, was I wrong when I sensed some irony there? To all my soul mates who are longing for inner peace and balance: be careful what you wish for, because at the time you state it, life is already starting to bring those occasions to you where you can prove that you meant it seriously..o yee it does..

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