Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emotional travelling


If you watch this video you will understand, what I mean under emotional tripping. Sometimes you do not have to go anywhere..Just some music or color catches your attention and you are already travelling in your mind to some place you have not been before..How many photo albums I could fill with these moments, when I saw something really nice once in a sudden, and was thinking that if I would have the camera with me, it could be one of the best photos taken by me ever..Some days ago I went with the bus in the morning to the workplace and there was many small raindrops on the glass, the sun was coming up and sometimes it shine through them and it looked like some nice structure of golden pearls..An other time, actually today I saw a small girl of Asian origin in a very beautiful Mongolian-like silk blue winter coat with colorful patterns. All this when I just saw an amazing photo/fashion report about Mongolia in the British Vouge couple of weeks ago, which totally made my mood for a Mongolia-trip..
Then I just remembered, when I got in to the yard of an old house in Budapest and the excitement of discovering that unknown place, where actually all the neighbors knew each other and I was definitely a stranger in that small intimate community. I felt somehow that these photos will be very unique, because I am at a place, which might disappear any time..How interesting it might sound, but yes, they tore down hundreds of years old buildings and built completely new ones, because it was more cost-effective and in one year also my photo-scene disappeared and now it lives only on the photos I took.
What I want to say here is that every day there can be THE moment, what you remember all of your life long. It might be even " an accident" that you got there or that you saw that and it does not even have to be anything extraordinary..but still you might remember that moment all of your life. This is what I call "emotional travelling". You mark the places in your life by these moments, and these moment make their place in you and shape you little by little without you even noticing it. A colour, a smell, a taste, a look, the light shining through a glass, a cat taking sunbath, the smell of the fresh bread from the bakery at your holiday location, a colorful fish, when you are snorkeling...anything what makes you feel that you are a part of the life happening around you.

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