Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the move

Tomorrow a long weekend in Germany starts :)! It has been ages that I have been there, although before I moved to Finland, I visited almost every year or every second year. In Germany I have been only in North-Germany, Berlin, and South-East Germany. Would be nice to visit Bayern and  Central- and Western Germany too:).

I like to travel, because before every trip I have this feeling to prepare for something, buy some new clothes, go to the gym more, buy presents if I visit someone, look up some sights in the internet and I am a bit more flexible budget-wise.

People who are on the "work field" understand it for sure, how nice it is to go even for a short trip and get out from the every day routine and having the chance to be peaceful again with no challenges,projects, problems and repeating situations. Travelling is a form of meditation, because if you do it "well" during the trip the focus shifts away from you. Not all for your thoughts turn around you any more, but you pay more attention to the new impressions and get mentally "re-filled". 

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