Sunday, January 31, 2016

Szany Móric-erdő


“So was I once myself a swinger of birches.
And so I dream of going back to be.” 

― Robert Frost

These photos were taken in Móric-erdő, Szany (Hungary). It is a forest close to the village where my Mom`s family is from. The forest consists mostly of hardwood but at one end there is also a small pine forest. This is the forest I was visiting last weekend by bike. I used to come here often as a child and I think my love of forests started here just as my love of the sea started in Croatia.

Some update about my studies: I am planning to attend a beginners make up workshop to learn how to correct small skin imperfections and enhance the nice features of people who I am photographing. I also found some landscape photography masterclasses and now I have been reading their syllabus more thoroughly. Besides this I have been continuing studying about different light sources in photography. All these are small pieces of a bigger picture. It takes patience to understand it and see what comes after what. I have seen very impressing photos which combine nature and portrait photography. I definately would like to try this style when I have studied the skills needed for it a bit more. Besides this I started to jog again whihc helps to relax and it is also a very good method for brainstorming. About upcoming photo plans: I am looking forward to continue my Suomenlinna photo series in March in Helsinki and just to take photos of friends randomly.

I hope also your year started well and you had time doing things what you love but also took time to relax and recharge. Have a nice weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Forest Walk Photo Essay- teaser

These two photos are from a photo series I took last weekend. More photos will be uploaded during this weekend. This forest where I took the photos is really speacial to me because I have been here many times during my childhood. I have never seen it in winter though. I got a bike borrowed from a friend of our family and I was exploring the forest by bike. It made the whole trip more enjoyable because the part I wanted to photograph was at the other end of the forest. And since there was almost no one there besides me biking felt safer. I got good use of my winter hiking clothes too since I was outside for many hours in -10C and at the end it even started to snow.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Vienna: Neubaugasse and Graben

As many times before also now those places turned out to be the best what I found while wandering around without a clear plan. When I saw an interesting house or I liked a street I simply kept going without knowing where exactly I am.

This is how I got to Neubaugasse after visiting Spittelberg. It is a famous side street of Mariahilferstrasse with an edgy touch. I really liked this place! It reminded me of a street in Norrebro in Copenhagen  what I visited couple of times by bike during my stay there during summer. 

It was refreshing to see something more alternative again. 

In Nordic countries the alternative scene is really strong and there alternative is many times almost mainstream. While in Central-Europe the mainstream taste is more conservative which leaves one from the North missing those edgy shops and streets after a while. I guess it is a question of values but it makes me very happy that no matter if I am in Vienna, Helsinki or in Budapest there are certain places where I can find the same kind of design and meet the same kind of people. So if I am missing that particular atmosphere I know imemdiately where to go.

I saw many good shops in Neubaugasse. There was a great mixture of Austrian designers, alternative clothing shops and a bit more high fashion chains (like Cos for example) there. I only took a latte this time while checking my photos this time but I plan to check one of the food places during my next visit because there were many nice small restaurants and coffee shops here.

From here I went to Mariahilferstrasse where I spent some time looking around in shops. Then I took the metro and visited the historical city center. I have been at this part of the city many times when my Mom has been organizing school trips to Vienna (my Mom is a teacher) and I have always liked Stephansdom and the surrounding streets. 

After buying some small gifts at the famous Julius Meinl I took some photos at Graben. I arrived by chance at a very good time because the sun was just about going down and the buildings which are beauitful also by themselves looked even prettier in the red-golden light.  A small pracitcal note here: if you want to buy Mozartkugels or Manner sweets it is much cheaper to get it from Mariahilferstrasse or from a Spar in the new shopping center at Hauptbahnhof. My first aim is usually not to save money when I am buying gifts but I was surprised when I saw later how overpriced certain products were at Julius Meinl compared to other shops. On the other hand Julius Meinl is perfect if you are looking for something really unique or exotic- that is more a real profile of this store.