Sunday, October 4, 2015

Throwback Sunday: Bled (Slovenia)


“Wildness is the preservation of the World.” 

These photos were taken at the end of last year in Bled, Slovenia. 

Looking at these pictures I have been thinking about it that for people who take photos it is never just the photo itself what a certain photo represents. It is always also a small living diary of the day when the photo was taken, some thoughts and feelings, the weather on the day or something particular what happened while taking those photos.

A story connected to this: at the beginning of this year I decided to go to Suomenlinna (which is an island close to Helsinki city center) in the early morning hours. I was quite excited about this photo shoot so I managed to get up so early that I was the only passenger on the first ferry going from the city to the island. It was still dark and it took at least half hour until some light started to show. The island was covered of snow and ice as usually in winter and there were no people on the streets. You could see light in some windows already but the streets were all empty. The sunlight was visible for couple of minutes then clouds covered the sky and a snow storm came. In spite of the harsh conditions it was the ideal scene for taking photos and it is always so comforting for me to watch the calming blue of that Saturday morning on the photos.

It is nice that we people are so different actually. What makes one happy might seem totally invaluable to the other. Yet the chance that we can find what is the best for us and practice it as often as possible over and over again is a deliberating thought. For me these photo tours have been one of the happiest moments of the year. It is great every time to think about a location, pack the backpack, take the tripod and just start to go not knowing exactly what will wait me at the end location.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Remote flash photography studies on

Small update for those who are interested also in the technical background details here: my new remote flashes finally arrived. This means the beginning of a new chapter for me because until now I mostly took photos using natural light only. I already found a good page which teaches the usage of flashes and light modifiers in a step-by-step way. This page also includes assignments.

I plan to read the posts on this page and do the assignments. The rest is open and I am sure that sometimes I will skip some steps or do them in a different order. Hopefully it will be a logical process meaning that when I make mistakes I will know what to do better next time in order to get to the photo where I wanted to get. It will be very exciting to study all these new techniques and combine with what I have learned already during this year.

I am very happy for and excited about this new chapter. Parallel to studying these new things I will of course continue taking photos using natural light as well. I will use flash photography probably mostly for portraits and fashion photography. It is too early to talk about it but probably some of those photos will be published here too. For others which have a totally different style I might make a new page. When it will be actual I will publish some info about it for those of you who might be interested.