Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let go

It is funny to look at our past selves by watching others from outside doing the same mistake what we did. It is a good feeling to learn and realize how much we could be fooled and got used by others who used our own pride and arrogance against us.

Things which are meant to be, will find us anyways. And others sometimes we just have to

let go.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Surfing in Norway

One of my friends showed this video to me, and I have watched it already five times today. I love Scandinavia; the clouds, the waters, the snow..These shots show exactly that side of these places what I love so much.

There are certain moments you can experience only here at certain points of the year, because the light conditions are so typical only for this part of the world. Besides this there is something magical in the cold beauty of the North. The pure waters, the sky, the sunrise over the sea in winter..

The beauty of some landscapes is sometimes so kitschy, but when you watch pictures from Nordic countries everything is so simple, yet beautiful- at least to me.

I have to go and see once this combination of seaside and snowy mountains!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lavender harvest at the Pannonhalma Archabbery

Lavendel harvest in the herbal garden

When we were sitting today afternoon in the VIATOR restaurant of the archabbery with my mom, I was thinking that this is why it is worth to be an adult person that you can take mom to places like this. Eating at a fine dining restaurant with modern design, enjoying the perfect view to the Pannonhalma-plain and the village below.

One famous Hungarian fashion designer, Tamas Naray, once said that luxury is not neccesairly a question of money, it is more about the need for beauty and paying attention to detail also in the everyday. A visit to Pannonhalma is exactly like this: it is a perfect luxury for the soul.

VIATOR restaurant

Lime-flavoured mascarpone cream with peppermint-seasoned crushed strawberry
and elderberry granita

The archabbery is an over 1000 years old world heritage site where keeping tradition and following the latest trends goes hand in hand thanks to the mentality of the monks, and the current archabbot, Asztrik Várszegi.

Pannonhalma hosts one of the best high schools of the country where Hungary`s famous actors, writers, architects and doctors have been educated. It tells a lot about the autonomy of the place that even in the communist era when practicing religion was forbidden, and religious orders were disbanded, the place was still functioning and communist leaders sent their children to study here.

"Only who changes stays true to himself"- is the title of the book of Herbet Haag published by the publishing house of the order. This quote might reflect the secret of the place where old and new lives in harmony next to each other, and people are very open-minded, yet self-identical.

The library of the archabbery, the main building and the botanic garden with its old trees represent the living past; while the new visitors center, the restaurant, the herbal garden and the quality products of the shop are a good example for continous innovation. The archabbery has even its own Facebook-page and homepage.

We collected many good memories during our one-day trip here, and all the beautiful things we saw were refreshing for the eyes and the soul both.

More photos from the archabbery and the herbal garden 
(*click on the pics for full size):

*Photos in this post by me