Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Life Photos

In life everything has a start. It is the moment when the idea is born, the moment when we first think about it. The shorter the time between the idea and the realization of the idea is the higher is the chance that it will be actually done.

An other very positive side of ideas besides that many time they lead to real actions is that many times they are connected to something new what we haven`t done yet. We have to go and explore, think about options, and try new things. When we admit that there is still so much we do not know yet, but realize the will in us to learn the whole process of turning ideas to reality can be something very joyful and positive.

Spending time on learning and practicing something we love is not a time wasted if we know the goal we want to reach and even unsuccessful attempts to reach it are a successful step. Because we use our time to get closer to something what is important for us, so we use our time well.

Photo by Monika Csapo

Still life photography has been a new field to me, and I do not remember exactly how this idea came that i would like to try still life photos, but now I realized that this field of photography as well hides in itself endless creative opportunities. From thinking about colors, shapes and composition to adding even symbolic messages to pictures this field is a real creative paradise.

At the weekend I tried some flower shots and something called "dramatic still art". It was fun to go to the shop and browse fruits one by one trying to find the one with the best color and the perfect shape- it gave a new dimension to the usual food shopping.

These and the one photo above were my favorite shots:

Photo by Monika Csapo

Photo by Monika Csapo

I know that in photography only the end result matters, but since I am learning to understand the light better, and so might some of you too, I would like to add that the photos above are unedited, original images. The color world is the result of the chosen light source and camera settings, not afterprocess.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunset Spotting

This weekend there have been many people at Suomenlinna-much more as usual- enjoying this beautiful sunset. It was a nice collective experience. It was a it tricky to climb the hills to get this view, because most of the roads are still covered with ice. There was also a bit of sledding on the way back , but this sunset was worth the hassle.

It would be cool if they would organize every now and then some sunset parties and set up sound systems to let people enjoy some quality electronic music while enjoying this view. For example I could imagine to listen to Sekuoia: Rituals with this.