Sunday, November 19, 2017

#100 days of honesty Day 14: Airport feel

Today in the second half of the day I was listening to Rae Moris mostly all the time while doing this and that. I was for an afternoon in London but unfortunately could not attend the tea ceremony in Buckingham Palace.
I grabbed a Sushi Snack and two bottles of Still Scottish Mountain Water at the Marks and Spencer shop at the airport instead to continue my healthy lifestyle challenge. The airport was Stansted this time and I have to say that I really liked it. Back to the Scottish Mountain Water: I thought that it is to a bigger extent some marketing humbug but that water tastes very good!! I am not a water- or food snob but I had to tell this here even risking to be seen as one because now I want everyone to try that water.


In the rest of the day I was charging phones, laptop, mp3 player. Met some people, had to leave one third of my cosmetics at the security control. Although with the help of a very kind airport security man I could still save at least the two third of it.
On the plane someone sitting next to me was crying while we were landing because she was so stressed from flying and I saw an other woman cry in the bathroom in London while her friends were consoling her. I noticed that someone lef this notebook at the gate. And with the help of some elegant blond lady we managed to find out that it was the man sitting next to me before who was really happy when we returned his laptop to him.
I also finished the Vienna article and sorted a whole memory card in order to save place for tomorrow's photos. On the way to London I started to read The Fifth Mountain from Paulo Coelho which I like quite much so far. I was traveling from morning to evening and now I do not wait for anything more than to be able to go to my bed, relax and sleep.

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