Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This is Finnish autumn


#tbt Kuopio The inspiration behind this post is that I met a good friend from Erasmus this weekend and it made me remember the nice autumn in Kuopio and the photos I took there. So while I am planning to take photos also this autumn- mostly in Helsinki- I want to give a bit of an insight into how autumn looks like in Kuopio. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts!

These photos were taken in Kuopio when I was studying there. The more time goes the more I have the feeling that some things which happened earlier feel still so close as if they would have happened yesterday. While others which happened not so long time ago seem to be an eternity away. 

Something which would be definitely worth to see and is connected to the topic of autumn is ruska . It is the time in September in Lapland when the leaves of trees and plants turn colors at the same time. The whole landscape is full of these beautiful oranges, yellows and reds. Also this year I have seen amazing photos of it. Back to the first topic: it is so interesting to look back to old photos as time sorts them. What stays real with time, what we can relate to, what we can not relate to any more..During the life of a person so many photos get taken and to some of them we can relate to even after a longer period of time. May be we would take them in a bit of a different way now but still we recognize the essence we wanted to capture. Thinking from this point of view I can understand parents a lot who buy "good cameras" and make a quick course in photography in order to capture their kids growing up. I guess it is the same for people interested in photography in general: you want to capture life and mostly feelings in their different shapes and forms through taking all these pictures. And just as all the places where we take the photos stay a part of us, also we stay a part of all the places where we took the photos at. 

“I am a part of all that I have met.”― Alfred Tennyson

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