Friday, May 27, 2016

The evening after


As always when something is done there comes the emptiness but it is a good kind of emptiness now. A lot had to be done before the exhibiton opening still after the photo competition ended- starting from a must to do catering crash course to learning how to hang photos at the gallery for example.Well..there is a first time for everything. And this is exactly what I love about life.

It must be also cool to know one specific field very throrougly and focus only on it. But it is also nice to see life as an experiment or a chance to be open for new challenges. And to be open for opportunities even if you have to rise to them. I will write about this more detailed later but for now shortly only: the opening of the exhibition I have been writing here before went really well. I had no time to study at all because of this project lately but it is ok, I can do it later.

Even though I am proud of what we created with my team there were some things even better in this for me besides having an exhibition: I discovered that I am still able to work a lot through evenings and early mornings if I want to make things happen. Also it was very heartwarming to see all my friends coming to the opening. To sit with them when I had finally a chance to enjoy my work and feel their love towards me.

I tink sometimes we tend to forget or simply can not be open to the love what surrounds us. So this photo exhibition was a very "heart-opening" happening for me also in this aspect. After all the guests were gone we were sitting in the backyard of the house with my friends, sharing stories, eating the raw cake we got as a present and chilling. I think you can not ask for more really: to be able to lean back after some hard work done, enjoy the fact that now it is over and share this moment with lovely people.This felt like happiness in its purest form to me.

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