Saturday, May 7, 2016

Other places visited during the event


I went back two times to Corinthia because I had to leave the first guided tour at half cause there was an other program starting. As I might have mentioned before the event is run buy volunteers which is great but it also shows sometimes that there is no consistent quality control. For example the architectural walk what i left the hotel for was a bit chaotic because there were too many people. And the woman who was the guide refused to use the loudspeaker she had in her bag because "she didn`t like it". Which resulted in that that 2/3 of the people could not hear a word she was saying..

Anyways, the next highlight of the event for me was the guided tour at Radison Blu Beke Hotel. I had time to take a latte at their coffee shop before the tour, to charge my phone/to connect to wifi quickly before the tour started. To be honest it was already a pleasure in itself after all the running around. The design of the hotel was more conservative and more Grand Hotel Budapest-ish. Their Communication Manager was our guide here. I really enjoyed her presentation but I found even more interesting the resemblance of the interior design to the hotel in the movie. May be Wes Anderson was merging the design of this hotel with the story of the manager from the other hotel and using it as an inspiration for his movie? Probably not but still it was funny to imagine it.

Here are some photos from Radison Blu Beke Hotel:

An other nice surprise of the weekend was the Royal Lobby of Western Railway Station ("Nyugati"). It used to be a room within the railway station where they accepted royalties and such who arrived to Budapest for example by the Orient Express.

Overall the Bupapest100 was a great event and I recommend you to join it next year if you want to see Budapest also through the eye of an insider not just the eye of a tourist. There is also an other such event in September called "Cultural Heritage Days Budapest".

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