Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy belated Earth Day!


Happy belated Earth Day! This day made me think of two things. Earth- meaning all the beautiful nature places (seaside, ocean, forest) what i have visited so far. And Earth- meaning humanity/people, being thankful for all the nice people, friends, family. If we take care of what surrounds us, we can can contribute to a better planet as well. 

These might be silly, small things but if I think about caring for our environment (and the Earth) i am happy that for example recycling became much more widespread compared to when i was a child. Many people are trying to avoid to overuse plastic bags and have a textile shopping bag what they take with them each time to the shop as a conscious consumer choice. Some people go vegan for environmental reasons or use bio-cleaning products to avoid using chemicals. I am not saying that there are no serious environmental issues nowadays. But so are also more means to choose from nowadays if we want to live a more environmentally friendly life,  which feels good to know.

Next post-alert: Last weekend I participated at the Budapest100- weekend. I will post photos about the places I visited. For me the most interesting part was to visit some of the big prestigious hotels which opened their doors for this event and people could sign up for their guided tours. I have always liked beautiful things - in nature or in form of art & design, and these tours were a real pleasure for the eyes. 

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