Sunday, January 31, 2016

Szany Móric-erdő


“So was I once myself a swinger of birches.
And so I dream of going back to be.” 

― Robert Frost

These photos were taken in Móric-erdő, Szany (Hungary). It is a forest close to the village where my Mom`s family is from. The forest consists mostly of hardwood but at one end there is also a small pine forest. This is the forest I was visiting last weekend by bike. I used to come here often as a child and I think my love of forests started here just as my love of the sea started in Croatia.

Some update about my studies: I am planning to attend a beginners make up workshop to learn how to correct small skin imperfections and enhance the nice features of people who I am photographing. I also found some landscape photography masterclasses and now I have been reading their syllabus more thoroughly. Besides this I have been continuing studying about different light sources in photography. All these are small pieces of a bigger picture. It takes patience to understand it and see what comes after what. I have seen very impressing photos which combine nature and portrait photography. I definately would like to try this style when I have studied the skills needed for it a bit more. Besides this I started to jog again whihc helps to relax and it is also a very good method for brainstorming. About upcoming photo plans: I am looking forward to continue my Suomenlinna photo series in March in Helsinki and just to take photos of friends randomly.

I hope also your year started well and you had time doing things what you love but also took time to relax and recharge. Have a nice weekend!

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