Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Insecurity and content creation

I have always been thinking about the content of this blog or that of my Instagram-account or Facebook-page as something liquid or something changeable and dynamic. But lately since I have Instagram I realized something about myself what I have already seen in my online habits: even though in real life I am quite outspoken and straightforward in the online world I move sometimes utterly insecure. And I am totally fine with it.

I think it takes a lot of time to filter the content and learn what we really want to communicate- if we want to communicate something and not just shoot straight in the air to catch others attention.

Two words: intention and intuition. Lately I started to listen more to my intuition when sorting photos or deciding what to publish or not to publish. Usually when I have to think a lot about a photo it will be the one what I do not find that good when it is published and later I might decide to take it off from the page because I do not find it so relevant. I think it works like that that in photography intention is there more in the moment while creating the images and intuition helps to pick the best ones and slowly but surely build your own style.

My realization about insecurity lead later to many useful thoughts. I realized that I am ok with being insecure because it is part of the process of learning and improving. Also being insecure helps to question things and it allows one to be more flexible in mind and not to look in tunnel-vision at one`s own work. 

I agree with the thoughts of someone from an article I read today: since the amount of content increases all the time on the web one has to be also a good editor in order to get through his message to the people.

This was an other weak point I realized about myself while looking at other people`s work in the near past: that I would like to think about what this editorial mindset means and watch others working through this and learn from them based on what I see on their works. There has been some mini successes lately what I saw when my editorial side was winning over my creator side and I realized that if the editorial side gets stronger it influences the work quality of the creator side as well.

Overall my conclusion has been that although it is good to respect readers and not add an remove content constantly but insecurity helps exactly to move towards the direction to become a more clear communicator. Through all these minor communication break downs of hesitation-publishing-removing one goes the same road many times until it will turn into something automatic: when hesitation arises it should mean simply "do not publish". So step two and three will fall away eventually in the future and only step one  will remains which will be an easy decision about publishing or not publishing stuff with no regrets afterwards.

Otherwise I always think that the people who I am connected with through these online platforms know me to some extent and also my dynamic way of "trial and error" of trying different scenarios and throwing the half to the trash in the end. I think this gesture is a very generous one and it helps me a lot in accepting my own weakness of insecurity and turn it to a strength of aiming for a higher level of content creation in the end.  

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