Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Night meditations, testing, photography love. Hakaniemi/Helsinki


I have been away for a while now. Sometimes it is better to stop and think a bit than just shoot all the time- at least I like to progress this way. Some days ago I finally got two new ND filters (Hoya ND4 and Hoya ND8). Before that I have been reading reviews about ND filters and ND grads for almost two weeks. I do not enjoy to read reviews at all- especially because too many choices have always caused me a headache but sometimes it is inevitable if you want to buy new gear and do not study photography at a photography school but by yourself.

Besides this I have been watching a lot of Finnish music videos (mostly those of Balansia Films) lately and I have to say that I am amazed by the creative possibilities what shooting a music video can offer. There is a lot to learn from it also as a photographer from analyzing camera angles through how to build a story line to studying color design.

But back to the NDs. Of course I could not stand not to try them the same day I bought them. I went to Hakaniemi in the evening when I finally had some free time and I found this spot by random in the harbor.

Although I am very tired now again but shortly I can summarize how it felt to be there and try the filters: it felt f. awesome!! I was so happy as I saw the pics because I realized the new creative possibilities what this technique brings with itself. I really liked the harbor with the boats after sunset and I plan to go back there to hunt down some details I sketched during my first visit.

The harbor was otherwise a very peaceful place to test the filters. There were some people walking their dogs but mostly they were far away. Only once some guys walked by and asked me what I am taking pics of. At the end also a very cute dog stopped next to me and did not leave until I petted him. That was a good closure of the night. I have been really happy since then because when I was testing I felt that it is worth to invest time, read and learn new techniques because it really opens up new creative possibilities. I already have my next plan what I wan to learn parallel to this technique but let`s keep that as a secret still for a little while.

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