Thursday, July 16, 2015

Copenhagen Travelouge Nr1


Finally it is summer in Copenhagen. Copenhagen was a great place also in winter but now in summer it is even better. The hostel I am staying at is in Vestebro close to the railway station. There are many bike rental places, banks, shops and restaurants around and also the beginning of the historical center (City Hall Square) is in walking distance.

To start with a somewhat funny statement: in Copenhagen even ugly people are handsome. The amount of tattoos per m2 is probably the highest in Northern Europe and it is true what everyone is saying: Danish people have a good style and good genes.

Also the architectural details are very impressive and if you have a bit more time and you walk around freely in the center you will find nice houses, hidden statues, interesting backstreets everywhere. Denmark is also famous for its design and you will see many nice clothing stores, jewelry stores and home design shops here. Among my first two design shop findings are two shops: Mant and Hay House.

An other stereotype which is true: there are really a lot of bikers here and you can see the status of bikers by the width of pedestrian and bike paths. Sometimes the path for bikers is twice as wide as the one for pedestrians. While pedestrians are walking in slow motion on the narrow roads next to the railway station for example the ones who ride a bike can easily pass by.

Some random observations: tap water in Copenhagen tastes strange compared to the one in Helsinki. Just like Oslo also Copenhagen has a red light district. It was a bit surreal when I looked to the entrance of one when I passed by and I saw a Buddha statue there..I could never imagine an Asian strip club with a cross over the entrance..Well..A little minus to the hostel is that right in our street there are two or three strip clubs so it is not so easy to fall asleep when those individuals full of alcohol and testosterone are shouting around on the streets.

I do not feel yet exactly how big Copenhagen is but already on the first day two very funny random things happened to me; in one cafe (Bastard Cafe, board games) where I landed by total accident  I saw a guy who I have already seen here somewhere during my last visit. And then at the next house I discovered a tattoo studio I have been following on Facebook for a while now (Kunsten på Kroppen). Both the unknown-known stranger and the tattoo studio were funny surprises right on the first day.

There are a lot of cool yards and houses here just as I mentioned before. Yesterday I was also in a  famous local bar where my friend is working. It is called Bo-Bi Bar and was founded over hundred years ago. The inner design is really cool with its dark red-golden wall papers, paintings and old style furniture. It reminded me of Paris first but my friend said that according to her the design resembles more of the bars of old New York.

Btw smoking is much more common in Denmark than in Finland. You can also smoke in this little bar which is a bit hard to deal with on the long run if you are a non-smoker. But in exchange you can enjoy a place with real special atmosphere and locals (mostly artists like dancers, writers etc).

There is a huge skater event going on right now in Copenhagen between July 15-19. If you are around and are interested in skating subculture this is the place to visit. Afterparties will be held in the trendy Meatpacking District of Copenhagen.

So far, so good! Now I am up to see Davids Samling and will hang out at one of the many parks to see how locals enjoy Danish summer.

Coming up: among all conversations of and with locals. Inhabitants and tourists.

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