Monday, December 15, 2014

Inspirational and interesting, Week 51

Hanko dawn (2012)  by Monika Csapo

This year I learnt many useful stuff again. Most of all I started to feel the importance of time and also the importance of acting according to our own principles not just talking about them - this in relation to the importance of time.

I searched instinctively for inspiration/answers and I found it at many places. Every day there has been something new: I read interesting quotes from famous people, found great FB-pages, discovered some new music, found out something interesting about the world or a country what I did not know before.

Where is your god now.- Directed by Sebastien Zanella

During the last couple of days for example i saw a short documentary (11 min) called Where is your god now directed by Sebastien Zanella where Terje Haakonsen is talking about his snowboarding and life philosophy. I also read a bunch of great quotes from Karl Lagerfeld .

Recently I found many people again who share the same values I do. It is great to feel like belonging somewhere and find your "soul tribe". Whether it is the love of nature, individualism,or a certain life philosophy what connects you to this other people, the feeling of unity is simply great.

I have been listening to a Danish band called Inouwee quite much lately. I like their lyrics and the sound world of their songs.

Pic from Inouwee-Twitter

In photography and lifestyle my two greatest sources of inspiration have been: Up Knörth and Desillusion Magazine.

Laureen McGinty  (Pinterest: has been the biggest influence for me lately regarding fashion and style. She is a stylist from US who I am planning to write about also on this blog.

Terje Haakonsen

Just as Terje Haakonsen says in Where is your god now, I also would like to play (=live) long. In order to stay fresh in mind it is always good to find new impulses.

Looking forward to hear what nice things you found lately on the web!

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