Monday, December 29, 2014

The Master and Margarita

I have been reading Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita for the second time within a year now. Might be this year, but I feel so that I understand its message even more than one year ago.

The message that if you do not loose faith during troubling times you might reach (inner) peace eventually sounds still very promising and positive. In the book the final release is death, but I think it can be also interpreted as something metaphorical where dying is more of loosing those parts of our personality which always drive us into situations which cause sadness and unease at the end. Like cutting a vicious circle.

Of course just as in real life there are several complications before one reaches this stage: challenges, struggles and obstacles. But nothing can describe the nature of reality, human beings and love better than this/these somewhat dark humor book(s)/stories of Pontius Pilate, the Master and Margarita and the story of the evil`s visit in Moscow with its surrealistic characters and unusual happenings.

I have many favorite parts in the book, but because of the wording or the rhythm of its sentences I like this paragraph the most:

The darkness that had come in from the Mediterranean covered 
the city so detested by the procurator. The hanging bridges which 
connected the temple with the fearsome Antonia Tower had disappeared, 
an abyss descended from the sky, and covered the winged gods above 
the hippodrome, the Hasmonaean palace and its embrasures, the bazaars, 
the caravansaries, the alleys, the ponds… 
Yershalaim – the great city – vanished as if it had never existed. 
Everything was devoured by the darkness, which frightened 
all living creatures in Yershalaim and its surroundings. 
A strange dark cloud drifted in from the sea 
towards the end of the afternoon on the 
fourteenth day of the spring month of Nisan.

And you will not guess where I found this quotation through Google...On the home page of a somewhat interesting punk band who managed to connect "Moscow nights full of girls, parties, vodka drugs and beer" with  this quotation in its lyrics. You always learn something..

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