Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The nest from distance:

- not a straight picture at all, but this is the only one i took from here... -

Oh what a shit day! But at the end the anger ride turned out to be good. I took the camera bag, and just left from home, and started to ride the bike as fast as I can. Sometimes I am sad I dont smoke any more, that was always such a quick solution!!

It was around 7 pm, so the sun was setting. I wanted to go initially until the river, but stopped at the storks instead. As I was taking photos a local man came to me to tell how happy he is someone else noticed "their" storks too, and mentioned twice that he will tell about this to his grandchildren.

I was not in my happiest mood, but I tried to be kind, and we had a nice small talk. I miss this soulfulness sometimes in the every day, it was refreshing to see someone who can be so happy for such a small thing.

I took the pics in Gyirmót, a village close to my hometown in Hungary.

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