Friday, June 27, 2014

Helsinki city walks: Keskuspuisto

One of the best things in Finland is that there is always some forest near to you no matter if you live in a city, or in the countryside. When I lived in Kuopio, one of my favorite free time activities was to go by bike to the forest, take my camera with me, walk around and take pictures.

I remember one time particularly when I was totally alone in the forest and it started to rain. It was autumn, and you could hear the raindrops falling to the ground on the fallen leaves. It was a really cool experience.

But also here in Helsinki when I lived in Pitäjänmäki there was a forest just right at the end of the street, and here in Etu-Töölö the Keskuspuisto is also right at the end of the street on the other side of the road.

There are two parts of the Keskuspusito: one where is a lake, and on the other side there is a forest with some rocky hills. I prefer the forest, because here you can feel the fresh air, the smell of the pine trees, and climb the rocks.

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I usually take roads where I have not been yet. And always make the same mistake thinking that if there was a path up, there should be one down as well on the other side. Which is not true, so I have to climb down again and continue my walk under the hill what I was just climbing before.

Today I discovered a rock-plain where was some dying trees and yellow, and red summer flowers. When I walked until the end of it, there was only the forest down beneath, and the sky above it. The only signs of civilization were distant sound of an ambulance car, and the TV-tower opposite me.

I was listening to this set of Orkidea:

and thinking about the same thing what I think about each time when I am here: why did I get so distant from the beginnings when I could be so happy for everything beautiful I saw?
Sometimes I am not sure how much I need people, or how much people need me at all, but when I am in nature I always feel content, and everything gets to its right place in me.

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