Monday, May 26, 2014

After trip mood

Missing Norway :)
All the recent happenings of this short, but effective trip have been cruising in my mind the whole day. Sometimes life can be like an intense dream, or an exciting movie. I am not sure if someone could live long if every day would be so intense, but sometimes it feels so good to go so deep (intense) and yet so carefree.When the plane was rising I looked down at this mix of green-blue-white, the fields, the sky and the clouds and everything was so beautiful.
Of course each story is always a story in the eye of the beholder, and I know that I really needed good things now, may be that is why I was even more open and sensitive to everything I experienced. I have to clean my flat now and organize my things, but I will try to summarize the things sooner or later, and publish stuff here.
Lately I had really hard times, something made me face questions about life and death, and last week I got very scared myself too that I might be sick, but thanks god there wasn`t anything to worry about. I realized how much my mind has been my own enemy sometimes, and also that that how much potential can be in every day for overcoming our worse self, and be lighter and happier. To enjoy, laugh, be healthier, fitter, prettier- whatever matters to us..I also realized that I would like to use my time even better as I do now, and how thankful I am that I have traveling and photography which makes me happy. And also the people I meet.

I am traveling quite much, and I know that many people do not believe it, but I believe that certain people are connected, and I kind of feel that the traveling is not only about the places, but also the people I meet during these trips, and what I can learn from, or through them. Sometimes it is very tiring when you return from a short trip, because so many things happen to you in a short time, but the memories what stay when you think of a certain trip, and the people you got to know are worth of this emotional exhaustment.

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