Thursday, April 3, 2014

Győri Állatmenhely- Our today`s walk with Miss Bossy

I think you should not go to an animal shelter if you can not focus on the actual experience, if you take practical things too philosophically, or can not see many animals crowded on a relatively small terittory.

But, if you are a person who sees things positively, and believes in the power of small actions then it is your place. Usually if it is a well organized place they have a list on their homepage about the things they need, and there is something even better what you can do: you can take some of the dogs for a walk.

Why?Why not :D!

My brother asked me not to be elitist this time and not be kind only to the cute dogs. It was good that they picked the dog for us what we could take for a walk. My friend took one, and I took one as well. Then we went for a long walk by the river and everything went smooth.

First I did not see anything special in "my" dog, but as we spent more time together I started to see her personality. She was quite bossy, and even though she was smaller she was ruling over her friend, she could run very fast, and showed her kind personality when you started to pet her a bit. When we went back the woman said that she will take her back instead of me walking her in, because she is "hard to control". After this I understood absolutely why I got exactly this dog vuhaha.

It was a fun late afternoon, and I think I will go to this place more often until I am here in Hungary now. The people are cool, and they have a practical way of thinking. There were many other people coming and going, some took two different dogs after each other for a walk. 

I am happy that Miss Bossy had some fun time, and I was glad to see that after Seppo, my rabbit, I get along well also with other animals.

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