Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quo vadis

Since I believe, we are more what we do than what we think, I wrote a list for myself containing my plans for the near future.

Places I want to visit

Other projects 

-PORTRAITS/STUDIO-photography plan: 1000 f. awesome photos
-Driving license! - start online course for traffic rules

 Traveling. Seeing many beautiful things. Ease. Creation.

I would like to share a real-life example. We had a fitness-test lately where the personal trainers gave some proposals how we could improve ourselves, and be healthier in the future. For me they suggested that I should train more also in the lower heartbeat-zones where you get resistance, and not just in the higher ones where you get only muscles from.

I was thinking about it, and I realized that it is actually true for me also in everyday life. I want everything now, and as fast as I can. No matter if I am over-exhausting myself, my will power has to be super strong. At the end I am a quite strong person, but my thoughts and my heart can not follow, and life feels like a constant battle instead of a continuous, happy flow.

Today it was my birthday, and I received many messages from friends and family. I met some of them, we had coffee, dinner..It was really cool! I think I should start here and try to transform this positive energy to something constructive. There is so much love surrounding me, and I would like to feel it also with my heart, not just with my brain what I over-trained lately.

I am planning to visit many of the places from the list in the near future, and try to make good photos for you to show why my intuition lead me to exactly those places. Things start to happen for me when I start to move, and get out from my flat, my city and country of residence every now then. We are all different people, but for me traveling is definitely one of the most effective ways to get to know myself better and recharge my positive side.

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