Tuesday, March 4, 2014

August: Osage County

These are times again, when I am not creating, but collecting inspiration, and letting the emotions and experiences of the recent past find their place in me.

Today I had a spontaneous idea to go to the cinema. I chose August: Osage County. I saw a trailer of it when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street, and since I like Meryl Streep a lot, it was an easy decision to make.

I prepared for a comedy, but got something much better instead. I won`t tell the story here, because I want you to watch the movie yourselves, but I try to write a bit about the thoughts the movie evoke in me. I can give one more insider info: have you ever watched a movie when people stay sitting in their chairs silent when the cast list is already running? This was a movie like that.

The characters are authentic;and Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep absolutely rock this movie!

The director said that being from the Mid-West himself, his intention was also to show that the people living here are not rednecks as they are often spoken about. They also read books, lead conversations and think about life in general just like other people from other parts of the USA.

I promised not to spoil, so I will say only very shortly that the honesty of the movie goes really deep. The thing which touches one so much is that when the family gathers after a tragedy, people really start to communicate with each other which leads to extreme fights, but also beautiful conversations, and situations where you see how strong the connection between these people is in spite of all the bad they might say or do to each other

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