Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dwell on the beauty of life

It is late in the evening and a Finnish love song is playing over and over again in my mind. I do not know why. Might be that the innocence and devotion of this song touches me under the sh.t of the everyday. There can be so much going on in one day! Sometimes we just need to switch off and let go, and be grateful for certain things and feelings in life, even if they do not belong to us now. To be thankful that besides the darkness there is also light. That there are also good people, generous actions, and some small things what might be childish to be happy for, but can still let us rest our mind in the middle of a bit of harder times.

This is the song btw:

(Video: Nopsajalka- Lupaan olla)

There is also a quote which has been repeating in my mind since the weekend:

'Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.'

Today afternoon I thought that I can relax a bit. But when I came home a neighbor was sitting in front of the entrance, and after I helped her get up, she got in such a bad condition within half a minute that I had to call the ambulance. She was lying on the stairs and could not even sit straight.

Many things happened in a short time, and miraculously an other neighbor came by who happened to be a doctor. She called the ambulance again, asked some check up questions from the lady, and at the end also the ambulance arrived when we were waiting there. I do not want to go into details but those 15 minutes were the perfect mirror image of society. People passed by, but it was totally the "it is your dog, you found it" situation. Even though this lady is no one to me, it was my responsibility to wait there alone according to them until my doctor neighbor arrived, who was finally a normal person. My favorite from all reactions was when a woman with Louis Vuitton bag stopped for a sec to ask what happened, then we told that we called the ambulance (the sick lady was lying there kind of half-paralyzed on the stairs). Then the LV-woman jumped over her smiling and saying "Well, well then let`s hope the ambulance arrives fast", and she went away. Yes, let`s hope, you.

All this was cruising in my head when I was lying alone in the gym´s sauna after my late night training. Then I remembered what my Dad said once that the key to long term happiness is to have a bad short term memory. I have to agree with Dad again.

As I was lying there I realized that everything what made me sad, angry and stressed in that moment was something actually non-existing. The ambulance, the sick lady, the LV woman were long gone many hours ago, and continued to live only in my thoughts.

In the present in the warm sauna, and in general in the present, there is only the empty moment which can be filled with anything. And this anything can be really anything.

Some might call it positive brainwash, and they are partly right, but if we have a chance to filter why not to do so. Life is going on around us all the time with its flow of good or bad things, it is just our attention which gives more importance to one side or the other. Even in harder times there are moments for escape, and it is good if one learns to use it.

Now when I am writing this it is morning again, and I decided to go to the gym to de-stress a bit before work. The sun is shining, and I managed to wake up as planned. I have some tasks in mind for today, and I feel so that I will have good ideas to do them. Before the gym I will have a great breakfast, and browse my favorite fashion-related pages on the bus.

I hope also you will have a great day. Or that if you don't, at some point you will take the lead and make it to one.

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