Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Start to read Céline people!

I discovered  Journey to the End of the Night through a film review (La Grande Belezza). I love Céline`s rough style how he does not play around with the words, tells exactly what many of us might think of, but are afraid to say. For example in the book above he writes on the first pages based on his own experiences what a nonsense thing war is, and what it really meant to be there when the shooting started. 

Other good novels of him: North, Death on the Installement Plan

A quote from Death on the Installment Plan:

“Maybe I'd never see him again... maybe he'd gone for good... swallowed up, body and soul, in the kind of stories you hear about... Ah, it's an awful thing... and being young doesn't help any... when you notice for the first time... the way you lose people as you go along ... the buddies you'll never see again... never again... when you notice that they've disappeared like dreams... that it's all over... finished... that you too will get lost someday... a long way off but inevitably... in the awful torrent of things and people... of the days and shapes... that pass... that never stop...” 

I love the mind of this person!

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