Saturday, January 11, 2014

Still working on maintaining positive thinking

I realized it in Florence that the world is full of cities where I haven't been yet,and where I can be so happy. There is this stage when the unknown turns to something to look forward to instead of something to fear.

I think one of the things I lost on the way was innocence and faith. It will be a hard work, but I want to get these back. Life is not worth to live in fear, empty and not believing in good things to come.

So far I have these things planned: sports, investing money, buying reflector for portraits. And booking some of my 2014-trips. I am always so surprised when friends say that my example is encouraging them to travel, or to achieve their goals, because sometimes I really don't see my own situation so bright from the inside.

True that I mostly achieve what I plan, but during that it takes a lot of effort to stay positive when I have to face some random challenges. I would like to work on this more in order to make my inner balance a bit more solid.

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