Monday, December 23, 2013

Goodbye to Florence

Just as there are certain people who we feel naturally connected to already at the first sight, there are places where we feel immediately at home, even it is the first time we are there. For me this was the case with Florence. There was only one small bad thing, that they did not heat the hotel properly and I caught cold, but besides this I had the perfect holiday.

On my last day I walked from the hotel to the railway station. I could find the way back easily without a map. The sun was shining and I said goodbye to my beautiful Florence Cathedral. Suddenly a bunch of crazy cyclist came in Santa Claus costumes- might be some local habit, because later I saw many people walking around in Santa hats in the center. First I just heard the noise and the happy shouting around, then they stopped in front of the Cathedral and were inviting tourist to make photos with them laughing and shouting like Italian-style :D.

Photo by Monika Csapo

When I arrived to the railway station I decided to rather stay at the Mc Donald`s instead of waiting more at the airport. I was not surprised at all when exactly the same guy was walking out from there when I entered who I saw on my first day there. Thanks god I had no wifi, so I spent the time looking at people.

I like it in Florence that people are really interacting with their eyes, and faces. I felt alive again. When you enter a cafe and they say ciao bella to you, if you buy your sandwich at the same place for 3 days in a row and the shopkeeper woman does not even accepts 20 cent of tip from you any more.. When you are confused at the museum and the security guard smiles at you and asks if he can help you..
I repeat myself, but if I should describe Firenze in two words it would be: warmth and culture.

Many times I was standing at sights with an amazed expression on my face and when I turned aside, I looked in the eyes of someone having the same expression. Firenze is really a place of collective amazement.

Photo by Monika Csapo

Photo by Monika Csapo

Usually I am very bad at saying goodbye, but this time I did not feel sad at all. Because I know that this goodbye is not for good now. We had to part now, but I know that I will return and our story will continue.

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