Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Traveling within Finland

When I first came to Finland I did not really have any info about traveling within the country. 

The first shock was that my student card from the EU is not valid for student discounts on train and other vehicles. Since I was an exchange student, I joined a student organization at my host university and got a temporary Finnish student card, which helped a lot. But later I finished university and was not entitled for the student discount any more.

Train tickets can be sometimes quite expensive in Finland, not to speak about domestic flights, so I had to discover other means of transport in order to save some money. Train and flights are comfortable though and you can catch tickets at good price if you watch their seasonal campaigns or buy the tickets some time before your trip. I am not so the "planner-type" of person, that is why I hardly catch any discounts, but it is possible and worth to go for!

In the section below you will find links to the homepages of the transportation companies, prices and my personal experiences about the mean of transport I have used already.

You can travel within Finland by

1. train- used and liked
2. plane- used and liked
3. buses- used and liked
4. cheap buses- used and liked
5. car sharing- did not use it yet
6. car rental- did not use it yet

More info coming soon this week..

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