Monday, October 7, 2013

Patience arghhhh

The name of game is PATIENCE again. I broke my foot last week and now I am glued to the bed and it drives me crazy. So I watch movies and Youtube-videos, and try eat healthy food..Because I can not go to the gym now, so I try yo hunger a bit not to get a fat butt when I can finally move again..Life is hard!!

Being in a state like this is the biggest punishment for a person like me who is always in motion, thoughts crossing my mind at high speed, can never be calm, always have to do something. Now I am forced to be alone with myself, and my ever moving thoughts in a non changing environment (home). It has been like this only 4 days now, but I am so tired of being alone here only with myself, it is much more fun to take photos of others and go to places.

Well, I try to make something positive out of this, but this week will be very hard for me.

Discipline, patience..The first is quite ok, but the second..uhh so much not my game yet still. Now I got my free meditation camp from life haha..

I watched two Jet Li movies: Fearless and House of Flying Daggers and discovered these two nice songs below today. In the second video I love the black and white edgy style so much. Black and white is really my world in photos and videos.

Katy B: 5 am

Skylar Grey: Back From The Dead

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