Thursday, February 28, 2013

To forgive

I forgive myself that I said what I was not supposed to say. That I tried everything and even that was not enough. That I wanted everything to be so good that at the end it resolved all in nothing.
I was not only too serious about others, I did the same to myself. But after every person I lost I really felt the pain, and it hurt a lot.
I forgive myself that I let it hurt. Because I can not be different than who I am. But I also know things about myself what others might not see. That in the middle of the biggest chaos, even when I say the worst things, deep inside my heart I do not really wish bad for anyone. I am just so sad that I have to get rid of the pain sometimes, and it is those words sharp like knives which can resolve the pain the fastest way.
I live in the sunshine and in darkness from day to day. Things might change so fast. I wish my soul was more peaceful, but these are the cards I got. A soul full of life, which can turn also to something very destructive if the energies are not chanelled well.
- Anonymus quote

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