Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Different kinds of happiness

Sometimes it feels like coming home, arriving. Other times everything gets chaotic and blurry. It can be peace, war, pain or joy. Happiness has so many faces..

You can be happy alone after a long struggle which ends with a drastic change in your life. You get the pieces together, throw out the trash, build a better version of yourself. You find the things you like, and are good at. Everything gets to it`s place. You alone, but not lonely. Thinking about love sometimes, but still insecure if you are strong enough to be happy with someone, when the source of all of your happiness is not only you, but also an other person.
How can you be happy like this? Focus on your dreams and goals, if sometimes it is even so hard to control your own thoughts and emotions, not to speak about being delivered to a "stranger", an other person besides you.

Once you got strong, it becomes a precious gift and a glass prison at the same time, The harmony you gained is so valuable, this better version of yourself. The dreams, the future scenario you build to have finally control over your life, to secure something 100% nice. The trips, the clothes, the nice furniture, the work things.
And then a ray of happiness comes to you which brings warmth to you heart, and a very big shock to your brain at the same time..Here we go again..

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