Saturday, May 25, 2013

Reality check

I saw so much of the reality lately that I start to understand those people who want to move to a forest and live there all of their life long..

All these stupid white lies..About relationships, marriages, identity and beauty..I was going home from a place and I hear this woman talking that she can not value herself blabla. Then this anonym woman starts to talk to her how nice cat eyes she has and great lips and so on. And that she has to love herself first and make something good from all the bad what she had gone through. That life is about the positive things and when you went through sh*t young it is just a good training for all of the bad things what will happen to you later.. It made me really sick to listen to all this common sense bullsh*t speech. Beause it was actually really a woman who was almost 100 kg heavy and noone told her that f/ck if you feel bad, go to the gym or do not eat chips at 2 a.m.....
Why do people have to be so superficial and fake???

I really think that the only thing what can help people is to look reality straight in the eye and not to memorize these kind of stupid common anti-knowledge which does not contain any hint of truth, no real message, just this positive brainwash idiotism.

Really bad things are not that, if you are a person who does not take care of her/his outside and inside. Because the time can come when you realize that it is only you who is responsible for how you look and feel, and you can actually correct everything. Real bad things are if someone dies who you love, if your world collapses and you have to build everything anew. Or if you find out that the person you loved is not the one who you thought him/her to be. And even these you can survive. When you want to, and you take it as an opportunity.

If you feel bad, there might be a real reason for it. And may be it is more worth to dig deeper and embrace this bad feeling than cover it with this fake optimism what so many people believe in nowadays.

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